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About Us ↓

Posted by Coach Rick

We are a Youth Baseball Organization based out of the center of Long Island, NY.

Our 5,000 square foot indoor training center is state of the art and equipped with the same  technology you will find at a big league spring training complex.

Our coaches and trainers all have a background in baseball and undergo our own NY Nationals Training Program as well as completing the Cal Ripkin Coaches Certification Course.

Our players are constantly being evaluated and worked on by our coaches and trainers.  They must display good character on and off the field and academics is taken very seriously.

We know the first thing a college coach asks us when he likes a player is “whats his grades?”.  Thats why our players take their school work seriously and we reward them when they do.  Scholarship money is given to players through our affiliate non profit (The Field of Dreams Baseball and Softball Organization).

We are also able to raise funds for players who’s families are going through financial hardships and budgeting money for travel baseball is just not an option.

We believe in working together with other organizations within our local baseball community.  We feel living on Long Island we should all realize we are competing against Lacrosse and every player playing baseball whether he is on our team or another is good for baseball on Long Island.

We are willing and able to offer a variety of services and are always excited to work with new ball players.  If you can think of any way we can be of service to you please contact us right away.

We are waiting for your call!